Pre Sales WHA

Cost of 1 token WHA:  $0.00001
Term of Pre-sale: First come first serve
Contract WHA 0x0599424e5F9F269AD1409dC5B3eE06B70C595b42
 limitation Pre-sale
Secured ways to purchase WHA (after Pre sale)  Pancakeswap with BNB, V2, Slippage 15%
Minimum 1.000.000 WHA is $ 10
Maximum 10.000.000 WHA  is $ 100

Pre Sale is started
We are selling tokens in advance
You have 4 options

1.000.000 WHA for 0.035 BNB
10.000.000 WHA for 0.35 BNB
25.000.000 WHA for 0.75 BNB
50.000.000 WHA for 1.35 BNB

Make sure to add WHA to your assetlist in the wallet.
Make the payment to
0x95d3a1c1554C2Bdb8Bf90fbc79aa6561f63dFAdF (Metamask, download here) 0r
bnb1x8hq8t7u9n6pjzn6s3z54qenlt2gm3al7cf68d  (Trust Wallet, download here)

Make sure that you send us the correct wallet adress and transaction hash


Pres Sales

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You can also buy WHA tokens on Pancake Swap, check the price here  the quantity is limited.
The advantage is that you have the tokens directly in your wallet.
We have deliberately kept the liquidity pool small so that we can keep whales out.
Set the slippage to 15% and the number of WHA tokens no greater than 2,500,000