Enjoy the 10 year journey to $1 and beyond

The Whalertoken (WHA) is an asset backed token with an unique way of creating wealth for loyal tokenholders.
Our BSC smart contract protocol incentivizes long-term holding by taxing transactions by 5% and redistributing 5% to all holders.
Combined with an elaborate buyback program, these are the elements that lead to success.

Tokensale Stages

Now Active

1 WHA = quote in BNB

up to 125 B in LP

Total is 950.000.000.000 WHA adding tokens to the markets depends on price development and market circumstances.
Investment in Whalertoken is a marathon and not a sprint

Exchange Listing
Announcement in Q4

1 WHA = quote in BTC, ETH, BNB,


Total 4 listings of which 3 on major exchanges
The first is in Q3, and 3 more will be launched in Q4

What is the Whalertoken

Whalertoken is an asset backed token, this means that income from the sale of the token is reinvested.
50% is invested in crypto trading divided over 3 asset classes.
50% is invested in stocks with a minimum dividend yield over 6%
Trading is done by 4 experienced veterans, each with their own specialism.
Revenues are partly used for our buy-back program and also for reinvestments.
A detailed explanation of the working method and the way in which we will reach $ 1 in 10 years is described in the white paper

Holders of the Whalertoken also get the opportunity to gain knowledge in addition to a good investment.
It has turned out that, especially recently, unwitting crypto investors have sometimes taken irresponsible positions.

Our mission is not to make rich people richer, but to help the small and starting investor on their way so that decisions can be made in a well-founded manner in the future.
This service is free if you own Whaler tokens worth at least $ 10.

  • Large cap crypto positions
  • Mid cap crypto postions
  • Ico’s start ups and new listings
  • Smart staking options on current positions
  • Stocks with dividend yield above 6%
  • Risk management

Token Structure

Distributed to Community
Locked Funding
Founders and Team
Cost of 1 token WHA:  $0.00001
Term of token sale: 75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Contract WHA 0x0599424e5F9F269AD1409dC5B3eE06B70C595b42
Technical limitation WHA 950.000.000.000
Secured ways to purchase WHA:  Pancakeswap with BNB, V2, Slippage 15%
Technical limitation WHAM
Contract WHAM 0x489ed24581457aa4f9f0a9f1c20dba8a19076c5a


March 2021
First meeting and brainstorm
May 2021
Completion of website, smart contract, token structure, corporate identity and marketing campaign
October 2021
Launch of the trading academy access only for Whalertoken holders through Trust Wallet verification
February 2022
Publication of Token audit report and financial audit report
April 2021
Final decision to start
June 2021
Launch of the website and marketing campaign
December 2021
Launch of the first partner project

Investment Allocation

  • 50% Dividend Stocks yield >6%

  • 25% Large Cap Crypto

  • 20% Mid Cap Crypto

  • 5% Micro Cap Crypto


Everyone knows someone who would like to tell at a party how well he has done on the stock market or crypto market.
And often they also come with tips and advice on how you can participate in the next moonshot.
Because everyone is looking for the next Bitcoin, Apple, Microsoft or Google, right?
Even now we dare to predict that the people who now shout the loudest that they are busy again with a next big pump will have nothing to say in 5 years.
It has nothing to do with investing, but in a bull market every dog has its day.
Research has shown that the internet stock hype that lasted from the early 1990s to 2005 ultimately resulted in more losers than winners.
The small investor in particular turned out to be the biggest loser.
Our motto is put your money where your mouth is, we will show you how you can do it without it ultimately costing you a loss.
Holders of the Whaler token get exclusive access to our
– Crypto portfolio
– Dividend stock portfolio.
These wallets are the basis of the coverage of the Whaler token.
We will also publish our take profit zones and our view on share prices. (update once a week)

Passive income strategy
– In crypto from $250
– in stocks from $5,000
How to hedge these portfolios and how to deal with compound interest.
We do this with portfolios that you can track yourself. (update once a week)

For day traders we publish
free Crypto signals (update 5 minutes)
free Forex signals (update 5 minutes)
free Index signals (update 5 minutes)
free Commodity signals (update 5 minutes)

Access to various trading strategies that we also practice ourselves (update daily)

If you are not interested in trading our stratgies but you are looking for a way to benefit from the current crypto hype and you have the patience to wait for 10 years consider an investment of $10 we will make it worthwhile.


Our team consists of 4 very experienced traders who all 4 have at least 10 years experience in trading in various sectors.
Each trader has his own specialism and by combining these, the combination is invincible.
Due to the latest developments in the crypto market, it has been decided to join forces and set ourselves the goal of bringing the value of the whalertoken to a level of  above $1.
We will do this by trading exclusively with the revenues from the sale of the token therefore not with input from external investors or the so-called whales.
We want to show that with a minimum investment of $10, it is possible to eventually increase to 1 million within a period of 10 years.
It is our belief that crypto will never disappear and has claimed its place within the economic ecosystem.
But we are also convinced that most crypto initiatives that are now being introduced with great enthusiasm will no longer exist in 10 years time.
We want to show our token holders how you can take advantage of the current bull market and protect yourself against the inevitable crypto winter